Schools Project Funding Update

Late last year we were lucky enough to receive a £250 grant from Warburtons the Bakers to fund our Schools’ Project which will be kicking off early in 2019. We are in the process of producing posters to send into high schools giving details of numbers to call and websites to view for students who feel they need extra support. We are also planning on going into local high schools and colleges to speak with students during year group assemblies and study groups to explain to them that it is ok to not be ok and to let them know where they can go to get help and support, both on the phone and online. If you feel that you would like us to come into your school or college, let us know by getting in touch via the ‘contact us’ button or speak to your year group leader or pastoral care manager. We will always do our best to liaise with schools and come in if you would like us to.

Keep an eye on the Lauren's Place website for updates on the Schools’ Project.


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